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1. Grab your smartphone(Android, iPhone, iPad etc.), open up the browser on it and go to


2. Once you’re in there, tap on the “CLICK HERE TO GET FREE CSGO SKINS” button.


3. Once you’re in the Gift Cards page, scroll down and select one of the three amounts: $20, $50 or $100. These will be the amounts that will appear in your wallet, so choose wisely!



4. After selecting the amount, a generator will pick a working steam wallet code for you! After it has done so, in order to avoid bots, you’ll have to prove that you’re not a robot, but don’t worry, that will only take a minute, and after that you’ll get your desired code!


5. Now this is the most critical part of this method, although the way you confirm that you’re NOT a robot is quite simple:

  1. Choose any app from the list.
  2. Read over the given instructions and download it.
  3. You might have to complete the tutorial, or simply play the game for a couple of minutes.
  4. Exit out of the game once you’ve completed the instructions.




6. Once you complete the instructions, go back to your browser, and voila! Your code is there! Now all you have to do is type the code in your Steam redeem page and enjoy the free CS:GO Skins!



I’m certain that a lot of you CS:GO players have wondered what it would be like to hold a M4A4 Howl or a FN Karambit Fade, right? Well say goodbye to day-dreaming, and say hello to the new CS:GO Unlimited Skins Generator, which will change your life!

Much like the majority of the CS:GO players, I started playing the game having absolutely no funding for skins, knives or keys, I was just playing the game because it was fun… But after a while, the stock weapons got boring and hideous, and I knew that I had to do something about it, although I wasn’t in the position of spending $100’s of dollars on items in a game, I was still in college then, and that wouldn’t have been a wise decision.

So I started digging, since I’m an IT specialist, I went through the majority of Steam’s database to find some flaws in the balance system so I could get myself some legit steam cards, and therefore buy all the CS:GO skins I wanted!

A few months went by, I couldn’t find a single flaw in the system (I mean come on, it’s steam, I had to expect that this would happen) but this one day I stumbled upon a weird function in the database! (Woohoo!)

This flaw basically transferred all the unused Steam code cards back to the system, so I decided to check one of the codes out, and what do you know… It worked!!! I was shocked with the fact that I received $50 in my wallet so easily, it was a miracle. I tried it again later, and again, and again, it worked every single time, I was the happiest man alive hahaha.

Why am I sharing this method for free?

Now I myself have been using this method for quite a while now, 3 months to be exact, and after that much time, I managed to get almost every $300+ item in the game! Crazy right? But then it got really boring… So after a lot of thinking, I decided to share this method with my fellow gamers!

Now I know that something like this is really big and groundbreaking, it will change the whole game, but at least it will make gaming much more enjoyable to thousands of gamers!

I live extremely well-off as a computer programmer and do not care to set-up a marketplace to sell these CS:GO Skins. Instead, I would much rather share the kindness with the rest of the gaming community.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are facing the same situation as I was. I want you to be able to play your favorite game without worrying about how much its items cost.

Let’s face it, massive gaming companies like Steam generate millions of dollars in profit each year. A couple of free codes won’t possibly hurt them, right?

Below you will find the link to the  Steam Code Generator. The generator scans the database for a working code which is then immediately output to you. Then, after receiving the code, you can buy all the items you wish!



After working tirelessly to set up this website and provide free steam keys, I was thrilled to receive an email from one of my visitors.

Cody emailed me explaining how he was facing the same situation that I was in when I was younger. All of Cody’s friends started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and he wasn’t able to afford the game. He started searching determinedly to find a CSGO free key. He wrote me a short testimonial that he insisted I share on this page.

Here it is:

GiftMerch” saved me from a world of trouble. All I wanted to do was to play Counter Strike with my friends. I was about to steal my parent’s credit card to buy the game until I fortunately found this website. Alex is truly coming from a place of kindness, and I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you!”

I have helped thousands of avid gamers like Cody into receiving free Steam games.

All I ask in return is that you share this website with your friends so that they can experience free Steam too.

The database has a bountiful amount of codes, so don’t be afraid to come back and use the Steam wallet code generator as often as you wish.

How to use the Free CS:GO Skins method?

The Free CS:GO Skin method is incredibly simple to use.

Click on the box above which takes you to generator’s portal. Select the amount you wish to receive on your free Steam Wallet code: ‘$20’, ‘$50’, or ‘$100’.

Next, you will be asked to complete a short survey to prove you’re not a bot. Bots have flooded my generator before and stole all the codes before real users like you could get them. In consequence, I built-in a short survey to deter bots and to keep your code safe.

Feel free to shoot me an email if your survey doesn’t work and you still need a Steam wallet code.

The Steam code is instantaneously delivered to you after passing the bot detection program.

You’ll be dominating the game with the skins and knives you’ve always wanted to play with in a matter of minutes!

What Skins/Knives/Keys can I redeem with my free Steam code?


By using this method, you can buy ANY Skin/Knife/Key you wish on the steam market! I personally bought almost every single skin and knife in the game, just to have a complete inventory so I could show off haha.

So let’s say for example you generate $100, you basically get $100 in your steam wallet and you can simply use that to buy an item that is worth $100 or less, but you can also generate $100 on top of that, and buy an item that is worth up to $200! There are absolutely no limits for this method!

I am proud to say that GiftMerch is the only website that offers legitimate free CS:GO Skins. I have no intent or reason to trick you like every other page does, and I hope to really improve your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Steam code?

  • Go to google and type in “Redeem Steam Wallet”
  • Select the first link that brings you to Steam’s website
  • Login to your Steam account and input your free Steam Wallet Code
  • The amount of money on the code will be added to your account’s Steam Wallet Balance

What are Steam Wallet Codes?

Steam Wallet codes are the same thing as gift cards. These codes can be redeemed on your account for Steam Wallet credit and can be used to purchase games, software, or anything else on Steam.

What countries can I redeem my Steam Wallet codes in?

Steam Wallet codes do not have any country restrictions and are redeemable worldwide.

Does my free Steam key have an expiration date?

Steam Wallet codes do not expire.

How do I view my Steam Wallet balance?

  • Login to your Steam account
  • The balance will be located in the upper right hand corner next to your username


About the author


I’m a computer programmer currently working for Squarespace.

Ever since I was young I had a passion for gaming, but I was never really that great. I had to always scavenge the web to find hacks/scripts to improve my gameplay and dominate some noobs!

As I got older and matured, my passion for gaming lead me into computer programming. I used this knowledge to create my own scripts and hacks and eventually sold them on popular websites, you might have even heard of them (mpgh, gamehaxs)....


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